Nowadays, data are the coins of the realm. To compete effectively it is necessary collecting large amounts of data and developing capabilities for storing, processing, and turning the data into actionable business insights.

Advanced Analytics create value by joining big data and advanced algorithms both applied to business problems to yield a solution that is measurably better than before. By identifying, sizing, prioritizing, and phasing all applicable use cases, businesses can create an analytics strategy that generates a real value and tangible.

Big data

While the amount of data is growing up increasingly, Big Data presents many opportunities for a large number of companies ...

Data Analytics

Analytics or Data Analytics is a science of examining raw data in order to draw conclusions from this information. Data ...

IT Architecture

IT architecture refers to the general structure inherent in a IT system, the organization of the various elements of the ...

BI Roadmap

A BI Roadmap describes a proposed path of BI evolution in pursuit of implementation of an information ...

BI Audit

The purpose of the audit BI is to analyze the relevance of the installed system and to define the actions needed to improve it ...

Data Warehouse Architecture and Design

A Data Warehouse is a relational database that ...

ETL Implementation

An ETL is an acronym for Extract Transform and Load. An ETL tool is a software that facilitates Data Integration ...

Data Integration

Data integration is a process in which heterogeneous data is retrieved and combined as an incorporated form ...

Data Mining Machine Learning

Typically, the term Data Mining refers to the analysis of data from different perspectives ...

Dashboard Reporting Development

A dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays ...

Data Optimization

The Data Optimization process covers not only the Data quality process but also the Data Governance that should be applied ...

BI Tool Selection, Implementation, and Configuration

Selecting the BI tool that best suits the business is critical to the success of any BI project. This process includes ...

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Merging and analyzing several types of information enable a better understanding of the customer’s needs and therefore offer them personalized services.

Technologies & partnership

Our structure allows us to be flexible and agile. We keep looking for innovative answers. Therefore, we are agnostics about the technology and the technical partner. We stay open minded about each challenge to develop the right solution. 
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the technologies we practice fluently.

About us

Home - photo 19 With more than 50 years of cumulative experience in business intelligence and data management, I-Pulses was born from the observation that companies need a personalized and human support in the response to their BI and Analytics needs.

Our vision is to provide solutions based on project and team approaches, encompassing the whole value chain through experienced and complementary partners.Home - photo 20


We’re always happy to hear about smart people that share our vision of a smarter world so don’t hesitate to get in touch at or by completing the form.



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